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C.Melchers GmbH & Co.

C.Melchers GMBH & CO.

C. Melchers GmbH & Co. is a global group with over 20 offices in 13 countries.
Our core competence is in facilitating businesses in Asia through our sales and sourcing organization. The group employs over 1,200 staff of which the majority is based in Asia. The headquarter offices are located in Bremen, Germany.

C. Melchers GmbH & Co., Singapore Branch was established in 1954 to coordinate Melchers’ trading activities in South East Asia. Due to the rapid economic development in the region, affiliated and subsidiary companies were set up to cope with the corresponding increased trading activities. Today, the Singapore office has expanded its business activities across Asia inclusive of Greater China.

CNG Department


C. Melchers has taken the pioneering step in providing CNG vehicle conversion technology to the Singapore market. Operating on the notions of “Save Cost and Environment with Safe Technology” C. Melchers has brought the technology of natural gas fuel and benefits of a clean environment to both passenger and fleet vehicle owners.

Under the brand name and logo™ C. Melchers established a franchise scheme for other workshops in Singapore. This allows™ to offer island-wide CNG conversions that meet the highest safety and quality levels according to™ standards, which strictly follow German Transport Law and Singaporean technical reference TR 11:2003. C.Melchers invites interested workshop owners to contact them if they are interested to become part of the growing brand:™ – Safe, Save, Clean.

In addition to having franchise partners C. Melchers also operates an own flagship CNG conversion workshop. The CNG conversion workshop is located at the world’s largest CNG station at Old Toh Tuck Road; therefore great customer proximity can be guaranteed. C. Melchers is proud to say that they operate the only dedicated CNG conversion workshop in Singapore, allowing a focus on quality and safety of the CNG conversions.

Additional services provided by the CNG Solution Department include design, construction and project management of CNG Stations. The department has a panel of CNG experts who offers consultation on any CNG Solution related issue. The CNG Solution Department employs its own team of technicians, who have good knowledge of the industry and are well-trained overseas. They perform maintenance and service works for the CNG Station equipment.

In February 2008 C. Melchers built its first CNG station in Singapore by supplying a Galileo Nanobox compressor to the SPC Petrol Station in Jalan Buroh. In September 2009 the world’s largest CNG station was opened. This major station is powered by 4 Microboxes and 46 refilling hoses, all supplied by C. Melchers

CNG Mission Statement

We strive to deliver superior quality products, maintain the highest safety standards, provide heartfelt customer service and bring benefit to the customer and the global environment.

CNG Vision

Our vision is to be the benchmark for CNG solutions in the region and to be the model establishment for complete CNG solutions.

CNG Values