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Composite Cylinders – the new generation of Cylinders

Due to always heading for improvement in its services and its pioneering identity, C. Melchers is the market leader in conversion businesses in Singapore. Therefore it is not surprising that there are changes in the conversion kits from time to time to improve at least one of the three main aspects SAFE SAVE CLEAN.

The most important modification in recent times is the implementation of composite cylinders which are made out of carbon fiber, a very progressive material which is only used for high-tech applications. Obviously these new type IV cylinders have one tremendous advantage compared with the old steel ones. If you compare the weight of both of them you will see what is meant with this. The new type IV composite cylinders are 70% lighter than the equivalent sized steel ones. As a consequence the fuel consumption can be reduced to a minimum and therefore the potential of saving money can be increased. Furthermore there will be less wear and tear on consumables like tires, suspension and brakes which will further help you to cut costs.

Altogether, this improvement increases the incentives to get in touch with a CNG conversion since the saving-money aspect is apparently the most important one for most of the people. Together with the price reduction of the conversion, the type IV cylinders might be able to cause a new CNG euphoria.

C. Melchers is very proud to be the first and only company to introduce these new type IV cylinders in Singapore. With our German supplier XPERION we can guarantee for highest quality as well as improvement in safety terms and saving money due to lower weight.