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Fill in all the fields in the right-column and click "Calculate" to see an illustration of savings you may achieve by driving on CNG. Please ensure you have read and understood the clauses on our Disclaimer page before you proceed.

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Price of CNG
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Price of CNG in Singapore $1.24 - $1.43 SGD/kg*
Price of CNG in Malaysia Petronas $0.30 SGD/kg*
* as of September 2010
Enter the cost of CNG conversion
Prices may vary from vehicle and configuration type. Please Contact Us for the latest prices.


Based on your mileage, your petrol would cost you ... per year (on average 1 litre petrol derives a distance of 10 kilometres)

At the same mileage, CNG would cost you just ... per year

By using CNG, your approximate savings per year is ...

Your cost of CNG conversion is paid off in ...