About Us

CNG CHEM LAB offer a comprehensive range of chemicals-related services, distributing chemicals in both industrial and laboratory grade, cover specialty chemicals toll blending, repacking, warehousing and logistics support services.

We focuses mainly on South East Asia (SEA) region, having sales offices in 4 different countries, namely Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines and Myanmar. The diversified customer base.

The market insight and regional connectivity have helped to drive the growth of the company as it sets out to be the regional chemical company of choice. We aim to keep providing the highest quality, cost effective and high value adding products with efficient services of good environmental and safety standards.

CNG CHEM offers flexible combinations of the value chain as required by customers and is able to provide one-stop full scale chemical service from purchasing to manufacturing the products and delivering the finished goods to the end consumers directly. Our competitive edge lies in our capability and specialization led by highly experienced and competent management, sales, operations and logistics teams – from testing to manufacturing and distribution of chemicals, bond with our passion.