Toll Blending

Since the start of toll blending service in 2013, CNG CHEM has accumulated the wealth of skills and experiences and has built up a knowledge database of the different properties and characteristics of the various chemicals.

Our experienced and knowledgeable team can help to meet your business' chemical blending needs. We have the capacity to process liquid/powder chemicals of a wide range of viscosities and pH values, and package it in different forms of packaging according to the customers' requirements. We have since built up a whole wide range of blending equipment.

We are able to pass cost savings of raw materials procurement and integrated supply chain to our blending customers. In addition, the consistent source and quality of the raw materials are also ensured; provide one-stop service to our blending customers from raw materials procurement to blending, all the way to delivery of the final goods to the end customers.

We have a quality assurance team, as well as formulation and testing laboratories to support your requirements. All work undertaken is dealt with on a 'Strictly Confidential' basis. If you require a formal Confidentiality or Non-Disclosure Agreement, we would be happy to discuss further with you.

CNG CHEM LAB proficient in mixing as well as the good facilities with the ability to blend different types of hazardous (flammable, corrosive) chemicals in bulk volumes gives us an advantage.

With our blending services as well as in-depth product knowledge, you can assured that we can meet your demands to the last detail. Our manufacturing facilities are complemented by Quality Assurance officers who ensure that your products are blended according to your specifications every time

In short, CNG CHEM is well-equipped with an efficient toll blending system as shown below to satisfaction our customer:

Countries Toll Blending Capability
  • 13 Small Mixing Tanks (ranging from 5K to 10K Lt)
  • 3 Stainless Steel Mixing Tanks (25K Lt)
  • 25+ Stainless/PP blending tanks (2K Lt to 20K Lt)
  • Full automatic RO water system
  • Demineralization water system
  • PUB & RO water storage tank (20Mt each)
  • Concrete Platform with well-equipped chemical mixing systems to handle liquid and powder